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African Thatch

African Thatch - 3m x 3m African Thatch - 3m x 3m
African Thatch - 3m x 4m African Thatch - 3m x 4m
African Thatch - 3m x 5m African Thatch - 3m x 5m
African Thatch - 4m x 4m African Thatch - 4m x 4m
African Thatch - 4m x 5m African Thatch - 4m x 5m

African Thatches

The African Thatch is a natural product that is unique in that it both cools and heats conversely. During the hot summer months, the breathing quality of the cape reed tiling ensures that it maintains a daytime temperature that is lower than other products that don’t allow so much air to pass through (such as tin, roof tiles etc). You can even drop the temperature further by wetting the thatch roof, which has an evaporative cooling effect. The African Thatch is a sturdy product, having been used in many places in Australia that are prone to storms and even cyclonic winds.

Aesthetically pleasing, you will be able to spot an African Thatch roof because of its thatch tile look. The tile design can be placed onto existing structures or custom designed frameworks. Long treated pine thatch poles and kiln-dried arsenic free treated pine roof frame can all serve to complement any existing colours you have around your home, from colour bond roofs to darker tiled or slate roofs.

Cape Reed Thatch has very good thermal efficiency, is rot and mildew resistant, extremely sun and wind resistant and maintenance free.

Structure of our African Thatches

  • Cape Reed Tiles
  • Natural Finish 3.6m long treated pine thatch poles suitable for sites up to 500mm out of level
  • Pre-cut roof frame with perimeter boards (240mm x 45mm) and hips & rafters (140mm x 45mm)
  • Kiln-dried arsenic-free treated pine roof frame
  • All hardware, including screws, nails, fastenings & ridge capping (where necessary)
  • Supplied in kit form with easy to follow instructions

With Decking

  • 240mm x 45mm subfloor frame
  • 90mm decking
  • 120mm x 35mm bearers
  • 90mm x 90mm stumps
  • 240mm x 45mm sole plates (solid footings for poles)
  • All timbers used are kiln dried arsenic free treated pine
  • Manilla decorative rope at the foot of each pole

Custom Design:

Custom Design for all sizes is also available for all our African Thatches. Please talk to one of Matt's Homes friendly staff about your particular requirements.

Kit Form:

Our African Thatches are pre-fabricated making it easy for any handyman to install. Matt’s Homes supplies detailed instructions as well as offering a personal service. If you get stuck at any time when installing, you can simply phone us seven days a week and one of our professional installers will call you back to assist. Make sure to check with us what size trailer is best for you to take your African Thatch kit home in.

Delivery / Installation:

If time is an issue for you, why not let one of Matt’s Homes friendly staff deliver and / or install your African Thatch. Before they install your African Thatch, they will liaise with you on the day to advise the best place to position your thatch roofing to make sure you are taking full advantage of your outdoor and entertaining area.

*Additional fees apply.