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Pet Homes



Our wooden dog kennels, chook houses and rabbit hutches are built to be sturdy and withstand not only the weather and the elements, but the temperamental nature of some pets!

Matt’s Homes timber dog kennels are made for all doggies, from small to medium to large.

Built with non-arsenic based treated pine and Australian jarrah, our wooden dog kennels are designed with a removable Colorbond® roof for easy access and cleaning. Our dog kennels are generously sized with offset entrance, large roof overhang & a raised moisture resistant floor to protect your pets from the weather.

Our smartly designed chook houses are ideal for not only country settings but also inner city living. Supplied in kit form, they can be assembled easily.

The Matt’s Homes rabbit hutch is by far the most attractive rabbit hutch on the market, it is also the most functional. With a generously sized run, separate sleeping quarters and a raised floor, it makes for a practical comfortable environment for your rabbits, guinea pigs or ferrets.

Our timber dog kennels, chook houses and rabbit hutches come flat-packed for easy pick-up and ready to install yourself, or for an additional charge you can opt to have it delivered and installed by one of Matt's professional installers.

Also new in stock is our bird aviary.