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How to Keep Your Garden Shipshape


If you are lucky enough to live in a house with a garden you know what it feels like to step outside to a neat and beautiful garden and the joy it can bring. You also know what it’s like to look out to a garden that is overgrown and untidy. A messy garden can have an impact on the overall look and feel of your house and negatively impact the well-being of its occupants.Maintaining your garden is a year-round exercise and the amount and type of work required to keep your garden looking its best is dependent on the season. During spring and summer, you will need regular maintenance as gardens tend to become overgrown in good weather. Protecting your plants from the cold and frost will keep you busy during winter.

Look for solutions that will reduce much of the hard work required to keep your garden neat, like the edges on lawns, driveways, paths and flowerbeds which take up a lot of time and effort to clean and neaten but has a big impact on how tidy your garden will look. Speak to a professional gardener, surf the web for insights or visit your local garden supplies shop to get an idea of what’s available to help you. There are efficient solutions like everedge among others to help you maintain a neat garden.

Let’s go over some ideas on how to keep your garden in top condition all year round.

Assessment: the first and most important step to maintaining a beautiful garden is to take a good look at it and figure out what needs to be done immediately and what can be done later. If you are planning on more than just tidying up, think through what might be the easiest to address without breaking the bank, and what changes will have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of the garden.

Clean up:sweeping your garden before anything else will immediately improve visual appeal. Remove weeds, sweep away dead leaves, clear out fallen branches and give your driveway, pathway and patio a good sweep to get rid of any debris. During the rainy season and also due to regular watering your pots can become mouldy and muddy, give these a good clean and wipe. Make mowing your lawn a regular habit, it immediately makes the space look neat. Don’t forget the edging, there’s nothing like a neat edge to your lawn, driveway and flowerbeds to improve neatness.

Declutter: your garden is similar to your home. Keeping it neat means getting rid of things that you don’t require or arranging them in a designated place for future use.Make cleaning and putting away your garden tools after using them a habit to prevent clutter. Keep your pots arranged neatly in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. If you have any garden décor items, clean them regularly and straighten them if needed. If you have a greenhouse, keep it decluttered and clean to ensure pests don’t damage your plants.

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