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A Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Your Solar Panels


A lot of homes have made the conscious effort to have solar panels installed in their residences. By converting to renewable energy, you would be able to save money on your energy costs and to lessen your carbon imprint. The price and installation of solar panels could be pricey but since they last for about 25 to 30 years, you are able to get a return of your investment and even more.

Since you have paid a significant amount on them, you should know how to clean and maintain them so they would last as long as possible and you would not need to spend on replacement. Knowing when your panels are due for maintenance could help keep them in their optimal state.

Care instructions for solar panels

Solar panels for Residential solar system are low maintenance and would need little upkeep to continue functioning effectively. One of the easiest ways you could do to ensure that your panels are maintained is by making sure they are clean particularly after storms where dirt and debris could be accumulated on the panels. By having a routinary cleaning, the dirt and debris would not affect the quantity of light that your solar panels are receiving.

Annual checking of the solar panels is another way you could ensure that your panels are working properly. This type of maintenance is as important as the regular cleaning. Make sure that you schedule the inspection with a professional who is experienced so they would know which parts of the panels are in need of the inspection.

Maintenance schedule for solar panels

Since they are low maintenance, maintenance schedules for solar panels are not as frequent as you would think. Cleaning solar panels are only required twice a year, unless of course, there are evident debris accumulated.

If you live in a place where it frequently rains, the panels don’t tend to accumulate much dirt (unless it was a storm and there is a possibility that the strong wind blew debris to the panels) and might only need to be cleaned once a year.

Annual inspection could also be scheduled only once to make sure they are working properly. Even if they are low maintenance, you could still arrange a maintenance appointment as necessary if you discover an issue with your solar panels between annual inspections.

Identify the need for solar panels maintenance

Aside from the routine inspections and cleaning, the solar panels won’t typically require much maintenance. However, there are some warning signs to watch out for that can mean the panels need maintenance earlier than expected.

Perhaps the best sign to look out for that your solar panels are in need of maintenance is by the reduced energy output. It’s a good idea to book a repair appointment if the solar panels aren’t producing as much energy as they usually do and that the power bill has increased. The cost of solar panels is more than any of your other home appliances. The good news is that they also last substantially longer and need less maintenance. Your solar panels just require cleaning and an annual inspection as regular maintenance.

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