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Living Room Renovation Ideas


The living room is where everyone gathers and it is a highlight in any home. There are many changes that you can do whether it is big or small to improve the layout and the finishes. And renovating the living room can give you a high return on investment as well.

You need to select the right renovation company for the project. Hills shire home renovations will make sure that you are given the options that are available for your budget and the timeline in which the changes can be done. Most families tend to need an expansion when it comes to living room renovations. This can be easily done if you have a room adjoining the living that can be taken into the space. You need to make sure that there is an engineer who will okay the structural changes. If there are no columns or load bearing walls, you will be able to break down the wall to the adjoining room and create a bigger living room. There are also permits that you will need when carrying out certain renovation work which is something that the renovation company will inform you about.

In most houses, the living room is the space that you will be led to through the main door. So you have to think about what you see when you open the door and how this view can be improved. You can replace the existing door with something new and create a better entrance. Replacing the door will also improve the curb appeal of the house. Choosing colours for the living room can be difficult as there are so many shades and hues available on the market. You can get the assistance of an interior designer for this. If the aim of the renovation is to increase the resale value, you have to choose a colour that appeals to most of the buyers. And this includes neutral colours like beige and grey shades. You can also highlight using some bold colours like browns and gold. Make sure that the colour you choose matches the overall theme of the house.

You can also create small spaces and niches in the living room which is part of the room but still provides a measure of privacy. There can be half walls that separate these areas. You can also break off an area and create something more private by using items like low cupboards or bookshelves that will double as partitioning. Natural lighting can transform interior space in a beautiful way. If your living room is dull and dark in the daytime, you can consider how best to bring in natural light. You can expand the windows that are already there. You can replace the windows with clear glass and have larger openings to the outside so that the inside and outside are merged. This will give a better view of the outside as well. Here as well, you need to think about what a person in the living room will see when they look outside through the windows. So some landscaping will need to be done.

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