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Myths about A/C You Need to Stop Believing


To survive the scorching heat of summer in a nation with a tropical climate like Australia, every home needs to be equipped with a functional air conditioner. Even though there are many alternatives available on the market, picking the appropriate air conditioner may be fairly challenging. It is important to spend some time researching the various models’ characteristics as well as reading customer reviews before choosing them. It is also essential to maintain a level of vigilance regarding the urban legends and misconceptions that many people have about air conditioners.

Myth 1: You can quickly bring the temperature down by turning the air conditioning on. The majority of people have the misconception that lowering the temperature would automatically make the room cooler. They turned on the electricity and quickly adjusted the temperature on the air conditioner’s controller to 17 degrees Celsius in the hopes that the cooling process would begin immediately. However, the fact of the matter is that even after lowering the temperature, the amount of cooling that is produced will not change. If you want to get an AC installed, make sure you look into ducted refrigerated cooling Melbourne

The primary explanation for this phenomenon is that the flow in the majority of air conditioning systems is cooled to a temperature that has been established beforehand, and once the system is switched on, it takes some time till it reaches the temperature that has been wanted or set.

Myth 2: An air conditioner’s efficiency will not be affected if it is not serviced regularly. This is another famous misconception that so many people believe. Even though the air conditioner appears to be in good operating order, this does not indicate that it does not need to be serviced or maintained in any way. If you don’t do regular maintenance on your air conditioner, it might develop many problems over time, which would reduce its overall effectiveness.

There are professional technicians available that have the training to test for and recognise these kinds of problems, and they may be able to save the day. Therefore, to guarantee the highest level of performance from the air conditioning system, one must constantly remember to plan periodic maintenance. At the very least once every year, but preferably at the beginning of the summer months, it is recommended that you have your air conditioner serviced.

Myth 3: It is possible to instal outdoor units at any location. When it pertains to the placement of the outside component of an air conditioning unit, there is frequently more than one ideal area where we believe the unit can be readily put. In some cases, there may even be two or three such suitable spots. It is necessary to give careful thought to locate it in the most advantageous location possible so that the effectiveness of the air conditioner is not diminished.

It is possible that a malfunction, such as smoke or fire, will occur if the outside unit is put in the incorrect location. The quantity of sunshine that shines straight on the cooling unit daily is another important factor to take into account. It is advised that the unit be placed in the shade to reduce the risk of overheating as well as other expenditures.

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