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Simple Tips to Achieve a Greener Bathroom


Living an eco-friendly lifestyle has become a popular trend lately. Since more people are becoming aware of how our actions affect the environment, switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle is the best way to do their part in caring and maintaining the environment.

Becoming eco-friendly is not a single step process. It takes much time and even effort to adjust to the new lifestyle that you aim to follow. You also need to change the way you do things and even switch to products that are greener and safer for the environment.

You could start your transition by changing one space of your home at a time. For instance, you could start by transforming your bathroom into an eco-friendly one and then gradually move on to other areas of your home like the bedroom, living room, and so on.

Here are some simple tips you could do to make your bathroom more eco-friendly.

Use Natural Cleaners

Regular bathroom cleaners contain harsh chemicals that are toxic to the environment. If you want an environmentally bathroom, start by switching to natural cleaners instead. Look for ones that are made from organic ingredients and doesn’t have chemicals in it. Check the label and look for ones that are labelled organic or eco-friendly for easier shopping.

Utilize Solar Power

Water heating is one of the features that use up a lot of energy in your home. With more energy consumed, there is also more carbon emissions produced. Instead of using traditional electricity, it is more sustainable to use solar energy to power up your water heater. Aside from being more eco-friendly, you could also cut down a lot on your energy bill.

Use Rainwater

Flushing the toilet consumes a lot of water and just goes to waste. An eco-friendly home should be energy and water efficient that’s why it is important to look for ways on how to minimize the water wasted in your daily life. You could install a rainwater collection system so that you can collect and store rainwater and use it for flushing the toilet instead. You can also reuse the bathwater to flush the toilet to further more your water savings.

Install Water-Saving Fixtures

Water usage is one of the main issues in a bathroom. If you want to achieve an eco-friendly bathroom, it should also be water efficient. There are plenty of ways to save on water consumption aside from reusing water to flush the toilet. You could also install water saving fixtures such as spray taps, dual flush toilets, and low-flow showerheads for lesser water consumption when you’re using the bathroom.

Use Organic Beauty Products

It might not be that noticeable but our body actually absorbs a lot of chemicals from beauty and skincare products that we use every day. Try out organic beauty brands and save your body from all those harsh chemicals that could do it harm in the long run.

Creating an eco-friendly bathroom isn’t that complicated at all. When you try out those tips mentioned above, you are already taking single steps at a time in switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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