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Textured Walls: and all that you need to know about them.


The moment we hear the word, ‘walls’ during our everyday conversations, the first thing that crosses our mind is colours. What colour would suit our walls? How do we pick the right colours? Would it turn out bad? Would it turn out all right? The most basic aspect we concern ourselves with is the colours we should use on walls. However, there’s something that goes beyond the colours that could even at times add more glamour to one’s home spaces compared to mere colours added to walls. These are the use of texture on walls. However, figuring out the correct texture that must be employed on walls is one of the toughest parts, just like choosing the right paint color to use on walls.

The use of textured walls has for a long time been in its infancy. But the widespread fame it has started to achieve has made it centre stage and an integral part of many interior spaces. Out of many cities in Australia, textured walls have strongly pervaded its way to many spaces within the heart of famous Australian cities, rendering Melbourne an apparent hub of fame for textured walls.

So why choose textured walls? We could sum up the reasons three-fold. Firstly, they are a splendid way to make a great statement to your room or interior space. Textured walls could be employed to add depth and dimension to any room as it pleases a person. Moreover, the addition of dimensions could be to either liven up adull-coloured wall or add a dash of your very own personal touch to the walls of your home. The second reason is that textured walls are a great way to add some sense of functionality to one’s home. They are superb at covering signs of wear and tear or even hiding things such as drywall installations. The reason reasons are, that textured walls make more durable and smooth walls which means that they have added resistance to wear and tear making them a great cost-effective option as well.

Another reason why textured walls are the best choice is that they are considered breeding grounds for endless possibilities. They give you the best opportunities to personalize your space according to your choice because walls can be crafted into multiple alternative textures to suit your liking and monotony is one thing you can keep out of your list of worries when it comes to deciding on textured walls.  Some of the most widely used textured walls in the market are the comb pattern, paint swirl, sand brush, and popcorn; there will never be a dull moment in your home with the addition of these walls. The next big question is, how do you get textured walls? This is a very simple mechanism. The best choice one could make is to employ a company that specializes in creating textured walls because you don’t want to mess things up and then waste material either. So the best option is to hand the job to professionals. Make sure you opt for a service that has a well-structured portfolio of their prior work so that you can get a glimpse of their workmanship and decide if it matches your style and expectations.

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