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The Complete Guide to Acrylic and Their Popularity in The Art World


There are numerous reasons why acrylic is popular. One of those reasons is that it is a fast-drying, water-based paint. It is also water-soluble but become water-resistant after they are dried. They have been around since the 1940s but became commonly used since the 1960s. Artists prefer to use them because of its quick drying time, which allowed for a great deal of quick-paced artistic exploration and creation.

Acrylic is simpler to use

There are other mediums that artists avoid using since they are difficult to work with. As a result, more and more people instead choose the much more accessible acrylic paint. Acrylics also let you to either erase or repaint over mistakes, which other mediums do not allow for as easily.

Acrylic is cheaper

If you are still a starting artist and is not willing to spend money yet, acrylics allow you to get started for very little money. Since they require less equipment to get started than oils, acrylic is less expensive to set up.

You also would not need to spend money on expensive brushes when using acrylic. Acrylic is also more cost-effective to use since they could be liquified for a longer period of time but would require the use of a keep wet palette which is a wise investment especially if it will keep you use your acrylics without solidifying.

Acrylic is easier to clean

Another benefits to using acrylic is that it is easier to clean, whether the actual painting, the splatters, or the brushes. All are considerably simpler to clean up after and store which is the opposite if the medium used is oil.

With other mediums, cleaning brushes took a long time, smelled bad, and never seemed to be cleaned thoroughly. Brushes used after painting with acrylics need only water. Most artists simply wash their brushes in water to remove most of the colour. If there are still some colours left, soap is then used and washed under a faucet with running water. After that, they are air dried to preserve the bristles.

Acrylic is free of smell

Some oil mediums and paint have an odour which is difficult for those with sensitive noses to use or they don’t have an open-air space where they could paint. If you would only be painting inside your home that you share with your family, especially with little kids, the stench might be extremely overbearing.

Although there are some things that could be used to dilute and or lessen the aroma of oils, acrylic seldom ever have any odour. Using them is far more enjoyable than using other mediums especially if the workspace is constrained.

There are many benefits to painting with acrylics. If you are an artist who is used to using oil, pastel or watercolour, there are several adjustments when it comes to using acrylic, however, once you have gotten the hang of it, it will be easier and since a lot of the skills are transferable, it is not as if you are beginning from scratch.

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