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Tips for Keeping Your Pool Safe for Children


There are many fatalities that occur at residential pools so you need to understand which steps you can take to prevent this. While you should make sure that your children can swim, there should be layers of protection around the pool that will ensure their safety.

You can read the news here regarding precautions you can take when you have a pool. Children can always get drawn to pools and they will love to play around it. But this can be dangerous if they don’t know how to swim. So when they are at an age to attend swimming classes, you need to enrol them and make sure they learn how to swim. And during the younger years when they don’t know how to swim, the pool should be off-limits so that they don’t stumble into it. Even when they know how to swim, there should always be supervision when the children are in the pool. There should be an adult who will watch the kids. But there are many things somebody can miss if they are on the phone or if their attention is occupied elsewhere. To prevent adults from getting distracted, you can have one person watching the kids for 30 minutes at a time and then shift to another adult. All it takes is a few seconds of distraction for the children to get into trouble.

There should be barriers around the pool in the form of safety nets or fences to make sure no child wanders into the pool. It is impossible to watch your children for everything they do during the day so you can save yourself some worry by making sure that nobody can access the pool. And one way of doing this is using removable fences. These can be 5 feet high and come with a self-closing or self-latching gate that swings away from the pool. This way, a child coming from outside will not be able to open it. It is better if you have a padlock on this to be extra safe. You should be able to see through these fences as there is some danger in not being able to see what is happening in and around the pool. You can use chain link fences or wrought iron fences for this. You can also have a glass fence. You need to make sure that there are no footholds in the fence that the children can use to climb over.

You can also use safety nets or mesh covers in place of fences. You can have a mesh fitted to anchors around the pool if your pool is not used often. Safety nets that cover pools will prevent access to the pool. You will not be able to get over or under the safety net. There are also automatic pool covers that you can invest in. These are more expensive than other options but they are very easy to use as all you have to do is push a button to open or close the cover. For additional protection, install door alarms for any doors that lead to the pool area. There are also pool alarms that can notify you of any movement in the water.

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