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Tips for Safe Removal of Tiles


When you are renovating a tiled area such as a kitchen or bathroom, you will need to remove tiles. This is a task that has to be done with caution so that you can prevent the underlying surfaces from getting damaged.

It is best to call professionals for tile removal Melbourne as you need some experience in this and not taking the proper safety precautions can result in injuries. You need to use safety gear such as safety goggles as there will be tile fragments and flying debris, heavy duty work gloves to protect your hands, ear protection and a respirator so that you don’t inhale tile particles and dust. There are some tools you will need with you as well for efficient tile removal. A hammer can be used to break tiles into smaller pieces and you can loosen the tiles using a tile scraper or chisel. You can also pry the tiles using a pry bar. To make space for tile removal, you will need to remove grout with a grout saw. Make sure to prepare the work area by cleaning the room. Any obstacles have to be removed so that a clean workspace can be achieved. You have to remove the grout first and this is done by running the grout saw along the grout lines. You should not damage the tiles during the process. You can easily pry the tiles off once you remove the grout.

You can start with a corner tile as it is easier to remove.

You need to have the chisel or the tile scraper in position beneath the tile at an angle. You can then gently tap the chisel with a hammer and this will loosen the tile. You have to work slowly when removing tiles. Remove one tile at a time and try not to use excessive force as this can damage the underlying surface. Some tiles can break into smaller pieces when the tiles are removed so you should be able to dispose of them safely. Make sure to have a sturdy box to keep the broken tiles in. There can be sharp tile pieces so you can seal the container. You need to label it so that anybody seeing it will know that there are broken tiles inside. There will be mortar or adhesive keeping the tiles in place. This can be quite difficult to remove so you have to do this carefully.

The scraper or the chisel can be used to remove the adhesive.

You have to be careful not to damage the substrate when you are doing this. If the adhesive is too difficult to remove, you can use an adhesive remover or a solvent. Make sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer for this. When using these solvents, you need to ventilate the workspace properly and wear the right safety gear. You have to clean and prepare the surface after you have removed the tiles and the adhesive. After removing all the debris, you can use a damp sponge to clean the area.

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