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What to Do When a Window is Damaged in Your Home


A broken window in your home can be considered a hazard as it is a safety risk. You can step on the glass and get injured or the interior of the house can get wet and damaged from bad weather. It will no longer act as a deterrent against theft.

When you have a broken window at home, you need to contact a specialist or an emergency glass repair company to replace it. You can check out AAA glass information about the importance of selecting the right contractors for glass replacements. Immediately after the glass is broken, you need to block off the area so that pets or children can’t get into the area. This will prevent any injuries that can occur from broken glass pieces. You need to have the right safety gear before you start to clean the area. Find some thick gloves that the glass will not penetrate. Along with heavy duty gloves, you need to put on shoes with thick soles so that you don’t accidentally step on the glass. Make sure that the gloves give you some grip.

You need to understand how the damage was caused. If it was a natural cause such as debris from a storm flying into the glass, you will be able to file an insurance claim. This way, you will not need to worry about the cost of the window. It is best to take photographs of the broken glass immediately and contact the insurance agency so that they can examine the site quickly. If the broken glass is due to a break-in, you will need to contact the police station to file a report. This can be presented to the insurance agency as well. It is best to contact emergency window repair as soon as possible so that the safety of the home is not compromised for long. There are also some quick fixes you can do to make the area safer until a professional arrives.

Sometimes, you will not have to pick up the pieces of broken glass as the window is still holding. There will simply be a crack in the glass. You can keep it in place using duct tape until a contractor visit the site. You can pick up all the broken glass shards while wearing heavy-duty gloves so that you can clean the area thoroughly. You may not be able to pick up all the tiny glass pieces on the floor using the gloves alone. For this, you can wet a paper towel and press down on the small pieces. The tiny pieces of glass will immediately stick to the damp paper towel. There can be glass still attached to the edges of the window pane. You can remove them carefully and dispose of them. You will need to find a thick clear plastic to cover the opening. You can staple this to the window sash. If you don’t have a thick plastic to cover the area, you can even use masking tape or duct tape to cover the opening. Make sure that you put the tape on both sides of the sash.

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