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Why is tiling interiors a good idea?


Tiling homes doesn’t merely provide beauty and play along with the theme of each home, its function goes beyond that to the extent of providing safety, durability, cost-effectiveness, and a whole lot of other benefits as well.

It is no new information that the market out there has a myriad of tiles spread across a plethora of textures, designs, shapes, and colours provided by a variety of dealers such as Robert Fuller Tiling Apart from the apparent element of beauty, tiles are a more durable solution for modern-day homes because they are extremely strong and resilient. This becomes a strong point of vantage when it comes to placing them on high traffic areas of any interior of a building as they do not crack easily.

What goes hand in hand with the durability factor is the feature of cost-effectiveness. The most commonly used type of tiles is ceramic tiles which is one of the cheapest flooring options available in the market. What should be considered here is that, when you calculate the initial cost of purchasing tiles, installing them, their general life span coupled with their low maintenance, investing in tiling an interior space is worth every penny. When it comes to maintenance, tiles are on the side of very low maintenance. That is to say, they don’t have much upkeep except that they should be cleaned like any other surface of interior space when they get dirty and you may have to apply a sealant once every 4 to 5 years. Apart from these steps of maintenance, there isn’t anything to worry about.

Ceramic tiles often come with a glazed protective layer on the surface which makes them impervious to water damage and stain penetration. This is the reason behind tiles being used for washroom floors. They have a natural resistance to humidity making them ideal for flooring moist areas. One other eye-catching aspect about tiling is that, if you’re on the lookout to sell your tiled house there is a possibility of tile floors adding to the resale value of the house making it a rather lucrative deal for you. And the cherry on top of this would be a very attractive tile floor. Another plus point about tiled floors is that they are very eco-friendly. As housing materials made out of clay, sand, and glass combined with other recycled raw materials to produce ceramic tiles they are completely eco-friendly. Moreover, tiles have the capacity to cool up in the summer and warm during the winter as a form of automatic insulation. Tiles are also a very safe option for floor planning as well. This is because, as housing materials are produced in a kiln under high temperatures, they do not contain any volatile organic compounds. This becomes an integral health factor as volatile substances contribute to a variety of health problems. Certain other flooring options such as vinyl have low volatile outputs but none comes close to the tile.

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